Publications of Aaron M. Bauer

Dear Colleague,

Below you will find a Pdf listing my publications through 20 August 2012. Pdf copies are available on an individual request basis for most. Hard copy versions are still available for some papers and you are invited to contact me at if you have specific requests for paper copies. Please contact the publisher of each paper if you wish to make multiple copies, reproduce figures, or post papers on other sites.

These publications are provided on an exchange basis. I would appreciate receiving your publications dealing with herpetology, biogeography, systematics, vertebrate morphology, and the history of biology. These may be sent to me at:

Aaron M. Bauer
Department of Biology
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, Pennsylvania 19085-1699

I prefer hard copies if possible but would appreciate pdf versions of your publications if these are not available.

AM Bauer Publications1-523.pdf

Bauer cv2012 for web.pdf